Practice Areas

Anti-dumping is a trade remedy instrument available under WTO Law to protect domestic industries against artificially cheap imports which are priced lower than the full cost of production, or what would normally be found in the exporter's home market. The WTO “Anti-Dumping Agreement” governs how injured parties can react to perceived dumping or discriminatory export pricing to defend their domestic interests as well as how anti-dumping investigating authorities should conduct investigations to avoid misuse of this trade instrument as a protectionist measure.


JWK has extensive experience assisting clients in original investigations and/or reviews by representing them before anti-dumping authorities in Indonesia and other parts of the world inter alia in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and India. Products represented include: hot rolled coils/plates, cold rolled coils, wire rods, frit, uncoated paper, stainless steel and other steel products, acrylic yarn, BOPP, BOPET, panggasius fish, shrimp, monosodium glutamate (MSG).


JWK represents both multinational and domestic clients in anti-dumping investigations. The firm helps obtain relief from dumped imports by pursuing imposition and maintenance of anti-dumping duty orders as well as assisting clients when being alleged of dumping their products into other export markets. JWK can assist in all phases of anti-dumping duty proceedings including:

  • assisting clients in drafting anti-dumping petitions;
  • assisting clients with filling in questionnaires throughout the proceedings;
  • assisting clients in verification visits;
  • representing clients before public/private hearings;
  • preparing submissions on dumping rate calculation as well as injury aspects in all stages of anti-dumping proceedings;
  • conducting negotiations on price undertakings with relevant government institutions;
  • assisting clients in surrogate country value;
  • representing clients for appeals before domestic tribunals as well as appeals to the WTO Dispute Settlement Proceedings;
  • advising clients in dealing with various anti-dumping authorities in Indonesia and abroad.