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Safeguard measure imposed on imports of wire of iron/non-alloy steel, plated with zinc
23 March 2011


On 23 March 2011, Minister of Finance issued Decree No. 56/PMK.011/2011 which effectively imposes a safeguard measure on imports of wire of iron/ non-alloy steel, plated with zinc, containing carbon less than 25% by weight (HS 7217.20.10.00) for a period of 3 (three) years.

Based on the investigation, a safeguard measure in the form of specific duty is imposed with a progressive liberalization in the second and third years as shown in the table below.

Applying the de minimis rule, several developing countries with exports constituting less than 3 % of total imports to Indonesia are excluded from the measure, i.e. Argentina, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.