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KPPI Initiated Safeguard Investigation on Evaporators Product
16 July 2019

On 12 June 2019, KPPI initiated safeguard investigation on evaporators product based on the petition of safeguard measure from PT. Fujisei Metal Indonesia due to the significant increase imported volume of evaporators. The product concerned is evaporator in a type of plate (e.g. roll bond evaporator) and fin (e.g. fin-cross evaporator) that is used in the cooling system of refrigerator and freezer, under Indonesia Customs Tariff Book 2017 HS code 8418.99.10.


Based on the preliminary evidence, KPPI has found that there is serious injury in domestic industry and the import volume of evaporators has increased during 2015-2018 with a trend of 8.56%. The import volume of product concerned in 2015 until 2018 are 2.911 MT, 3.407 MT, 4.594 MT, and 3.300 respectively. The exporter countries of such product are China, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore.


On 3 July 2019, KPPPI has conducted public hearing regarding this investigation in order to provide opportunities from interested parties to present their evidence and opinion in accordance with Article 3.1 WTO Agreement on Safeguard