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KADI Begins Sunset Review Investigations on Imported Tin Plates From China, Korea, and Chinese Taipei
02 April 2018

On 27 October 2017, KADI initiated sunset review investigations on Tin Plates with the tariff classification codes of 7210.12.10 and 7210.12.90 (amendments of the codes 7210.12.10.00 and 7210.12.90.00 on BTKI 2012) that are originated from China, Korea, and Chinese Taipei. The sunset review was requested by PT. Latinusa Tbk., which stated that there is still an occurrence of dumping and injury towards the domestic industry. Based on the Ministerial Regulation No. 10/PMK.011/2014 dated 15 January 2014, the Government of Indonesia imposed antidumping duties on Tin Plates from China, Korea, and Taiwan that will be expired on 14 February 2019.

From the preliminary evidence, it was found that there is still a likelihood of continuation or recurrence of dumping and injury towards the domestic industry that produces like products if the antidumping duties are discontinued.