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India Begins Anti Dumping Investigation On Imports of Glassware from China and Indonesia
03 April 2017

On 28 March 2017, India initiated anti dumping investigation on imported Glassware from China and Indonesia based on a request filed by a producer of Soda Lime Glassware, which covers all type of tableware, drink ware, kitchenware and giftware “for table, kitchen, toilet, office, indoor decoration or similar purposes”.


The Product Under Investigation is covered under ITC HS 701329, 701337, 701339, 701349, and 701499. The product under consideration excludes Borosilicate Glassware, Opal Glassware and glass bottles used for packaging industry. For Indonesia, this product is covered under ASEAN FTA attaching concessional duties.


The period of investigation is from April 2015 – September 2016 (18 months) and the injury investigation period shall cover the periods 2012  - 2016.


India allows interested parties who want to participate in this case to submit a notification within 2 week from the date of the publication of the notification and file the questionnaire responses within 40 days from the date of notification.