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EC’s Anti-dumping Investigation on Biodiesel Originating from Indonesia and Argentina
20 November 2012

On 17 July 2012 the Commission received a complaint by the European Biodiesel Board (the Complainant) concerning the allegation of dumped imports from Indonesia and Argentina. Based on the said complaint, the Commission has initiated anti-dumping investigation on 29 August 2012.

The product subject to this investigation is fatty-acid mono-alkyl esters and/or paraffinic gasoils obtained from synthesis and/or hydro-treatment, of non-fossil origin, in pure form or as included in a blend which falls within CN codes ex 1516 20 98, ex 1518 00 91, ex 1518 00 95, ex 1518 00 99, ex 2710 19 43, ex 2710 19 46, ex 2710 19 47, 2710 20 11, 2710 20 15, 2710 20 17, ex 3824 90 97, 3826 00 10 and ex 3826 00 90.

The allegation of dumping from Indonesia and Argentina is based on a comparison of the domestic price with the export price of the product concerned. The Complainant argues that there exist significant dumping margin on Indonesian and Argentinean exports due to the distorted price of the key raw material used in the production of the biofuel. Additionally, the Complainant has provided evidence that the biofuel imports from both countries have increased in absolute terms and in terms of market share. At the end, this has caused substantial adverse effects on the overall performance and the financial situation of the Union industry.

To obtain necessary information the Commission will send questionnaires that shall be completed within 37 days from the date of notification, to selected exporting producers, to any known association of exporting producers, and to the authorities of the countries concerned.

Non-cooperation in this case could result in less favorable anti-dumping duties or if the submitted data was found to be false or misleading, the information may be disregarded and the final findings may be made based on facts available.


The investigation shall be concluded within 15 months of the date of the publication of this notice in the Official Journal of the European Union and provision measures may be imposed no later than nine months from the publication of such notice.