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China Is Announcing 15% and 25% Tariffs On US Products, Is This A Trade War?
06 April 2018

On 23 March 2018, The Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued a list of discontinuation concessions against the U.S. Section 232 measures for imported steel and aluminium products, it is intending to impose tariff on certain products imported from US in order to balance China’s losses from the result of tariffs levied by the US on steel and aluminium imports.


The list contains 128 tax products within 7 categories, the first part covers 120 taxes including fresh fruit, wines, ginseng, seamless steel pipes, dries fruit, nut products and modified ethanol which impose a tariff of 15%. The second part covers 8 taxes including pork and its derived products, recycled aluminium and other products, which impose a tariff of 25%.


This list of suspension of concession is a sign of warning from China to US that looks like a trade war between those countries. China has stated that it will implement the right to suspend concession for the products in the first part from list in question, if China and the US fail to reach a trade compensation agreement within the stipulated time.