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Brazil's anti-dumping investigation on yarn made of acrylic fibers from Indonesia
03 October 2012


Brazil has initiated an anti-dumping investigation on yarn predominantly made of acrylic fibers, commonly classified under NCM (MERCOSUR Common Nomenclature) codes 5509.31.00, 5509.32.00, 5509.61.00, 5509.62.00 e, imported from Indonesia.

The petitioner is Paramounts Têxteis Indústria e Comércio S.A. and the initiation set forth the dumping margin of 15,9% or US$ 0,88/kg on the imports of such products from Indonesia.

The exporters have 40 (forty) days from the shipping date of the questionnaire to submit their answers. The Notice establishes that parties that were not identified as interested parties by the authorities and are willing to be qualified as such in the proceeding should request such qualification up to 20 days from today, indicating its representatives.