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Brazilian Subsidy and Countervailing Duty Investigation on Imports of Acrylic Yarn from Indonesia
28 December 2012

On December 27, 2012, Brazil initiated a subsidy and countervailing duty investigation to ascertain the existence of subsidies offered to and used by acrylic yarn producers in Indonesia that exported to Brazil.


The product under investigation is textile yarn with predominantly acrylic fibers, single-mode, woven linen (formed by two or more wires or "cables" twisted together), with or without other fiber types as there is a predominance of acrylic fibers, raw or finished (dyed or bleached).


The product is commonly classified under tariff positions 5509.31.00, 5509.32.00, 5509.61.00, 5509.62.00 and of the MERCOSUR Common Nomenclature (NCM / HS). The import duty rate remained at 18% since January 2010.


Deadline to submit the questionnaire is approximately 40 days from December 27, 2012, with an extension of up to an additional 30 days. Only the information submitted within the 40-day deadline will be considered for the preliminary determination.


Other interested parties (i.e., trading companies, consumers, associations, etc.) have a period of 20 days to request their participation in the review.

Access to any other information will only be granted to parties duly represented by the filling of a power of attorney.