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Brazil Terminates Subsidy and Countervailing Duty Investigation on Imports of Acrylic Yarn from Indonesia
14 August 2014

On 25 June 2014, Department of Trade Remedies of Brazil (DECOM) terminated a subsidy and countervailing duty investigation on acrylic yarn from Indonesia. This investigation was initiatedon 26 December 2012 based on a petition by Paramount Textiles Industry e Comercio SA.


Uno Trade and JWK Law Office have been successfully assisting PT. Kahatex as the biggest Indonesian exporter, as well as the Indonesian Government to demonstrate that the four alleged subsidy programs were unsubstantiated, resulting in the termination of this case.


Merchandise covered under the scope of these investigations was textile yarn with predominantly acrylic fibers, single-mode, woven linen (formed by two or more wires or "cables" twisted together), with or without other fiber types as there is a predominance of acrylic fibers, raw or finished (dyed or bleached) which are commonly classified under tariff positions 5509.31.00, 5509.32.00, 5509.61.00, 5509.62.00 and of the MERCOSUR Common Nomenclature (NCM / HS).